Bulls n' Bears

Financial Market for Gene Technology

Gene Technology or Genetic Engineering is an interesting subject. It is not an exaggeration if i say,  Molecular Biology brought revolution in Medicine, Biology and Agriculture. Efforts to transfer the expertise in genetics to industrial application is in full swing.

A Global Strategic Business report says, the Global Gene Amplification Technology Market is in the road of rapid growth. According to the report Global Gene Amplification Technology Market will touch 1.9 Billion US dollars by the year 2015.

The fastest growing market for Gene Amplification Technology is The United States of America.

When we discuss on Gene Therapy, it is still in the tentative stages. Success of Gene Therapy in Global market is yet to meet. A lot of factors contribute to the growth and spread. The growth of gene therapy is directly proportional to the approval of manufactured products. China is the first country to approve the gene therapy product commercially. The gene therapy products are still in experimental stages in the laboratories. Gene therapy market gets effected as the expenditure of treatment is high.  The Research and Development needs funding in a big way. But gene therapy has a good potential to enhance the health of human being. Many companies should come forward to exploit the gene technology.  A Through research in this genetic engineering is necessary before testing on human beings. A small fault can lead to a big danger as this deals mainly with genes.

Gene Technology will have a major impart on the Agricultural market.

Gene Technology or Genetic Engineering has a bright future if it can prove well and make people understand that is the future of Food and Medicine. In short, the biotechnology revolution will bring a great change in this century compared to Information Technology and computers and is going to change the life of human beings in a big way.