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Microbiology is the scientific study of how cells respond to the surrounding, and the manner in which they interrelate with each other and a whole lot of many different processes like cell division and differentiation, all of which have been modernly used to overcome many existent challenges.

Microbiology has seen many technological developments which have been used to address several areas of concern. Technological advancements in the microbiology have had very many positive consequences in the human livelihood and have led to better lifestyles. Microbiology has promoted remarkable and reliable products in Food Science.

There has been concern with the food security in the world, especially in the developing nations, which have had unreliable food policies and poor execution plans that have led to depletion of food reserves and stocks, hence causing food shortages.

Microbiology has tried to address this issue through modern technology in Microbiology to bring up crops that grow at an accelerated rate and those which are drought resistant to provide much needed food supplies.

Microbiology has seen the development of anti-biotic medicine that has helped many researchers looking for the solution to resistant drugs. Technology in the Microbiology field has caused many medical break through that has had the effect of saving many lives. This forms one of the most lucrative business opportunities that should be explored to reap the benefits of this market.

Microbiology is also use in brewery sector and food preservatives that has enabled for food to be stored for longer period of time without spoilage. This has made wastage a thing of the past as harmless organisms are introduced processes to make them last longer.

Polymerase Chain Reaction is a microbiology technology that replicates single cells to improve innate defensive human mechanisms and also the invention of an optical system that is laser based for faster detection of microbes.

Indeed, Microbiology is being marked by constant technological advancements that would offer a splendid opportunity for investors to venture in and take advantage of this rewarding market.